SoCal Ultra Series

The Southern California UltraRunner's Grand Prix Series

The Southern California UltraRunner's Grand Prix Series is a friendly and fun group created by ultra runners for ultra runners. Runners of all ages and levels are participating in various Southern California ultra marathons and collecting as many points as possible.

At the end of each calendar year we meet for games, raffle, food and drinks and give out the well earned age group awards.

It is very easy to join and we hope to welcome you soon.

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Congratulations to the 2014 Cuyamaca 100KM trail race winners:

  • Ben Bartley, 30, 10:05:25
  • Stephanie Bartley, 30, 12:42:39

Next race: San Juan Trail 50KM

Fun Facts:

  • SoCal Ultra Series has been in existence since the early 90's
  • Currently we have
    51 members
  • We have 32 Southern California ultra marathon races in the series
  • We are a bunch of happy runners

2014 SoCal Ultra Series leaderboard:

  • Sylvere Valentin with 397.3 Points
  • Junko Takeya with 177.1 Points
  • Sylvere Valentin with 536.6 miles
  • Yen Darcy with 321.6 miles

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