SoCal Ultra Series


  1. Each participant must complete an application and pay a $65.00 fee. Membership period is January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024. You need not be a California resident to participate.
  2. Runners entering the series after a series race must have their paid entry to the series by the end of the quarter and will receive credit for all races within that quarter and through the end of the year.
  3. Each race in the series is separate and independent. Each race director determines their own race fees, race date, number of entrants, and cut off times. It is each runner's responsibility to comply with those requirements. You can view a list of participating races and related information (web sites, contact information, etc.) at the series web site.
  4. All series participants will be awarded points when they complete a series race. The runner will be an official finisher and be included in the official results by the race director. This means that you should be an active participant at series races. Be sure you understand each race's markings, cut offs, and be sure your finish is recorded at the finish line.
  5. Points are tabulated for each race using this formula.

    100 mile, 100k, 50 mile, or 50k:
    • Winner's time divided by the individual's time then the resulting decimal is multiplied by the distance in miles.
    • Each calendar year, points will be awarded for all Series races beginning in January if the runner joins before the end of June. If a runner joins after June, then the points are totaled from July through December.
    The 6/12/24hour (ONLY count if the distance miles is LONGER than 26.2M):
    • In a 12/24 hour event the runner's miles are divided by the winner's miles (to establish a percentage) then multiplied by the maximum possible points (100 in a 24 hour/ 50 in a 12 hour).
    • If the winner runs less than 100 miles in a 24 hour or 50 miles in a 12 hour that distance will be used to calculate the total points.
    • The maximum points for any 6 hour run is 25 points.
    • The maximum points for any 12 hour run is 50 points.
    • The maximum points for any 24 hour (or LONGER) run is 100 points.
    The entire total mileage accumulated at these events will count towards the runners annual mileage totals.
  6. Separate standings will be kept for men and women.
  7. A maximum of the best of six races within the series will be calculated in the final standings. Certificates will be awarded to all members completing six or more races.
  8. Series divisions are: Open 1 (29 and under), Open 2 (30-39), Masters (40-49), Seniors (50-59), Super Seniors (60-69), and Veteran Seniors (70-79). There is an award for Overall Points Champion for both men and women. There is also an award for Mileage Champion for both men and women. Depth of age group awards is as follows: First Place for each age division, Second Place with four or more in the division, and Third Place with six or more in the division.
  9. A runner's age for the entire year is her/his age on January 1, 2024.
  10. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the series.
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